Walking apps are divided into 2 categories: those that track use GPS or step cadence to track your speed and distance and those apps that count your steps and activity by using an accelerometer chip in your mobile phone.

5. Argus

Need A Walking Buddy? These Apps Can Help You

Argus is easy to use. The app encourages interaction and tracks many health and fitness items.

  • Track your water intake
  • Includes a food diary (complete with barcode app)
  • Able to link to a heart rate sensor band
  • Workout tracker displays your time, distance and map of your route
  • After you finish, you can see your workout calories, steps, elevation gain, graphs, map,  average pace and cadence
  • Measures your heart rate anytime you use their integrated heart rate app that uses your cell phone camera

4. Fitbit App MobileTracker (No Fitbit Required)

Need A Walking Buddy? These Apps Can Help You

For those that don’t have a Fitbit, you can use the Fitbit app. Simply choose the free app when you are asked which tracker you are setting up.

  • See elapsed time and average pace
  • A map of the route you have taken
  • Get voice cues and updates at selected times
  • Review your workout
  • Review your course including distance, time, speed, mile split times, calories burned, steps, and a map of the walk
  • Virtual adventure races and challenges with friends
  • Available for iOS, Android, and Windows phones


Need A Walking Buddy? These Apps Can Help You

This app has truly stood the test of time. MapMyWalk is available for either iOS or Android. For a small fee, it comes in an ad-free version.

  • When you start, you see a map of the area. The route you walk appears in red. The map allows you to explore and makes it easy for you to find your way back to where you started.
  • As you walk, you can see elapsed time, distance, pace, speed, elevation, and calories burned. Pace is determined by GPS tracking.
  • You can get audio feedback as well as it pertains to distance, pace, calories burned and other data at half-miles, miles, and other intervals
  • After you finish, you can upload and save your workout data. It’s viewable on both the app and on the MapMyWalk website
  • View your mile-by-mile splits to analyze your performance
  • Choose walks that you’ve previously saved or ones that others have done in your area

2. Endomondo

Need A Walking Buddy? These Apps Can Help You

Endomondo is a workout tracker that doubles as a personal tracker. Track your outdoor exercise duration, speed, and distance via GPS. For indoor exercise, you can track duration. It’s available for iOS, Android, and the Apple Watch.

  • Choose a sport: hiking, walking, walking fitness, or walking treadmill
  • Choose a workout: basic, goal-based (set distance, time, or calories) or follow a route (Create your own course or use ones others have used)
  • As you walk, view your route map or your stats
  • You can set audio feedback including pep talk, distance, duration, lap time, and more
  • Connect a heart rate monitor

*Free accounts do not include a step counter, but you can connect Endomondo to your Fitbit account or other activity.

1.Walkmeter By Abvio

Need A Walking Buddy? These Apps Can Help You

The Walkmeter app is a perfect app for fitness walkers who want to improve their speed and distance. It’s available on iOS, Android, and the Apple Watch.

  • Uses GPS to measure the distance of your outdoor walks and hikes
  • Can function as a stopwatch
  • Will maps your walk. View time, speed, distance, and pace
  • Select workout type: Walk, Walk for Time, Walk for Distance, Walk Intervals, Nordic Walk, and Hike
  • Create your own custom intervals
  • View your laps, splits, intervals, history, and more
  • Use free training plans to transition from walking to running your first 5K, 10K, half-marathon, or full marathon.
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